Music NFT: The Next Big Evolutionary Step In The Music Industry

It was only a matter of time, a short one even, for the inevitable (the music world embracing NFTs) to manifest. 2021’s late winter saw 3LAU, one of the remarkable pace-setters, net $11.7 million in a 3-day NFT album auction. Canadian multi-genre songstress, Grimes, became $5.8 million richer in 20 minutes from selling some WarNymph Collection. And like... Continue Reading →

Hotel Review: The Ritz Carlton – Coastland Luxury over Salt Creek Beach

Ever free from the typical city bustle, Laguna Nigel just proved to be the quintessential location for a serene staycation. From unassuming bungalows on disrupted vegetation to ample park areas, tranquility in the predominantly residential city always seemed at its best. But behind the facade of underdevelopment & vintage-living lies a five-star resort on a... Continue Reading →

Bodybuilding Diet: The Dos and Don’ts For The Best Results

From enhancing body strength to self-gratification, bodybuilders exercise for various reasons. It entails adherence to a consistent series of resistance and aerobic training linked inextricably with proper nutrition. In fact, undermining nutritional effects while prioritizing workouts can cause retarding outcomes. Appropriate amounts of the right foods provide the muscles with recovery strength from exercises, in... Continue Reading →

Is Bitcoin the eventual fate of online gambling?

Conversationally recognized as Crypto, the computerized resource's development has acquired monstrous acknowledgement since it was founded. Its vast commitment towards a more secure ecosystem for online transactions, its anonymity among other reasons have made millions saddle it.

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