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Anderson Esiti hoping for victory against Selcao clash on Sunday

The 25-year-old PAOK midfielder, Anderson Esiti hopes to win the Selcao team ahead of upcoming clash.

The Nigerian midfielder, who is hoping for his fourth appearance for the Super Eagles since making his debut in 2015, has vowed to give his best if given the chance to play against the five-time world cup carriers.

“If I’m giving the opportunity to play, I’ll give my best as I always do. I will work hard for the team and our collective desire is for a win,” Esiti said

“I’m not God. I have been playing professionally for seven years and my motto is ‘Fear no one but respect everyone’ and that’s how I want to approach this game.”

“As a team though, we’ll need to pull our strengths and carry each other out on the pitch, as we work towards that common good.”

Recalling, Nigeria lost 3-0 to the five-time world champions in their last meeting way back in the year 2003 and will hopes for a positive result against the Brazilian team in Singapore on Sunday.


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