Nasir El-Rufai who is the Kaduna State Governor on Monday enrolled his six-year-old son into a public primary school.

Abubakar Al-Sadiq El-Rufai which was the young lad’s name was enrolled by his father into primary one in Capital School Malali, Kaduna State.

After the processes of registration was completed at the public school principal’s office,  El-Rufai told news crew there that the decision he made was in fulfillment of his various campaign promises to improve the quality of public education in Kaduna State.

He said: “The move is part of reforms to revamp public schools in the state to make them more competitive.”

“We are determined to fix public education and raise their standards so that private education will become only a luxury.”

“I went to a public school like this, in fact, the school I went to was not even as good as this but here I am because of the quality of the teaching I got.”

“It is our intention in Kaduna State government to ensure that all our public schools offer quality education and we are encouraging all our senior public servants to have their children in public schools,” El-Rufai said.

The Governor’s wife Ummi, El-Rufai who accompanied him, also made notice that it is only when political leaders of the country send their own children to public schools that they be forced to pay attention to them and provide basic amenities for them.

Ummi El- Rufai who had expressed mixed feelings about taking her son o a public school also agreed that her husband’s action was one of the only ways leaders can live by example and ensure that public institutions are given proper attention. The governor’s son, on his own part, also expressed happiness to assist his father to fulfill his campaign promises which he made.