Police Officers of the Nigeria Police dispersed a lot of people outside the Bauchi governorship election tribunal in Bauchi, Bauchi State.

The teargas dispersed by the Police officers forced everyone within and around the premises to cover delicate parts of their bodies to protect them from the adverse effect of the tear gas.

 Reports was also gathered by the press that the Police Officers in the state fired teargas due to the unruly crowd outside the tribunal moments after sitting had resumed. It was also heard of that there a mild disapproval leading to a protest commenced after the Governor of Bauchi State, Governor Mohammed Bala who performed as the first respondent in the situation between the ex-governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar and himself, left the tribunal. The factions of the former governor of the state had hauled verbal assault as a fight broke out among the crowd.

Following the disagreement, the Police Officers at the tribunal fired teargas in order to disperse the crowd with the intention to stop the fight.